Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh god I slacked. lol

With Hurricane sandy going through, I spent all week focusing on the storm that I forgot to update my blog.

I also ended up going to therapy unprepared and without anything to specifically talk about myself. So I was a nervous wreck going in.

But my therapist is great and led the way for me, which made it so much easier. We talked about a lot of things, covering a lot of ground. She wanted me to try and think of different scenarios that I'm likely to be anxious in, and I was able to give a few. Trying to understand my way of thinking though is difficult. I am unaware of my triggers until I actually get triggered- but then I detach and can't remember it. So to try and combat the detachment, I'm going to be doing a mood diary. This'll be interesting. She encourages me to draw or write whatever I want in it. So I'm going to go to the store later and find a nice book that I can use only for that.

At the very end, I ran out of things to talk about because I had remembered as much as I could. We ran out of time anyway, so as we got up to leave I asked if I could give her a hug, and so she gave me one back. It really made me feel happy and secure. Hugs are something that can be very comforting and reassuring to me sometimes.

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