Thursday, August 23, 2012

A bunch of scattered thoughts, for now.

I usually like to try and post "meaningful" posts. Whatever that means. But my mind is a mess of fleeting thoughts and so I figured I'd just put some of them down here for now. :P Some will probably be in lists, some might be in a paragraph or a sentence.
I just got "done" cleaning today. And by cleaning I mean OCD-like going through the closet and the dresser in the spare room of all clothes, and separating each piece of clothing into their own little pile. Long sleeved shirts. Pajama shirts. Pajama bottoms. Jeans. Short sleeved shirts, shorts, dress shirts. And then separated into another pile. Clothes to be folded and put in the dresser. Clothes to be hung up. Clothes to be donated. Clothes to be thrown away.
And if anyone messes with my piles, I get frustrated. I'll grab my head and yell at them, without meaning to yell. I flap around until they leave my sight so I can fix it and continue. If one shirt gets unfolded, I have to refold it and all of the shirts that got knocked off the pile.

I ended up with 3 garbage bags full of clothes to be donated. My mind is now flipping out. What have I done. What have I thrown away. What if I need some of that again? Specifically one of my favorite blue shirts. It no longer fits me. But I really like that shirt. But I no longer wear it. So I donated it, but I still want it. @_@
I still need a better title for my blog. Something that will 'stick', short and to the point.

I still have so much to clean. I started this feeling excited about it. But now I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm in too deep but I can't get out, I made a promise to my only friend. I'm going to clean this house up before she moves in. I'm going to make it all work out.

I want to know what people want to hear about. :o I have so much to talk about but I don't want to just rant. I haven't really written anything in years so I'm a bit out of touch and a bit rusty.

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