Monday, August 20, 2012

Distracted much?

 I keep forgetting this blog exists. I'm sorry! Life's been busy, I've been distracted, but things can finally start to calm down for me again.

I feel quite special knowing that I helped Lost and Tired ( with one of their ongoing problems- the confusion between their son Gavin's meltdowns vs what a typical "autism" meltdown is. Having explained they're more like tantrums helped them out greatly to reduce confusion, and he was really appreciative. I feel special. *blush*

On the upside of things as well, I might be getting some help for my social anxiety soon. I'm choosing to go the medication route, because honestly? I'm afraid of people I don't know. Why would I choose to subject myself to opening up my fears and concerns to a person who I don't know for them to "treat" me? If medication will calm me down and allow me to focus better on functioning properly and not feeling terrified, then by all means hand it over! I'll deal with the side effects if the benefits outweigh it.

I'm off to bed for the night, only to start taking on the giant task of cleaning out the spare bedroom completely. My friend might be moving in with us next month and so I really need to prepare the room ahead of time. It'll give me something to do, too!

Until next time. ♥

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