Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Yep, camping! I went camping for new years eve and I enjoyed it. I miss being out in nature like that, it's incredibly calming. For once, my mind can take a halt. All I'm thinking about is the camp fire in front of me. How little puffs of air can make the flames shoot back up from just some hot embers. I like listening to the bats. Sitting in the trees (If I were able to climb them anymore. Sadly I can't do it that easily anymore. I'm too unsteady on my feet. but I try.)

For once my mind was clear. I had no thoughts about autism, anxiety, or anything. I wasn't worried or anxious. I was relaxed and feeling at peace. I need to go back more often. I want to buy a hammock because sleeping in a tent is very uncomfortable.

I'm very sore tonight though. I messed up my hip somehow and aggravated it by going on a trail walk this afternoon. Then I came home and slept. Now I have some ibuprofen and I'm ready to sleep some more.

Bats make a really interesting noise!

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